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Style and Opulence

W8 Maintenance Ltd. was established in 2002 and is run by Paul Crawford. With a core target of delivering high specification building projects and refurbishments, our primary focus is on meeting every one of our client’s needs and satisfaction.

w8m Ltd has grown to be recognised as one of London’s premier building companies over the years of continuous successful projects and satisfied clients. Offering a highly personalised, professional and efficient service that is delivered on time and within budget, we are proud to deliver the highest of standards.

w8m Ltd cover all aspects of a building project, from design through to completion including Interior Design, obtaining the right planning permission and home security. We consider your property as if it was our very own property and therefore treat it with the utmost levels of consideration and care at all times.


Choosing the right partner for an important building project.
It's that word 'partner' that is so important ‎.
Truly bringing that word to life, means someone is acting for you,has your back and is providing real guidance and passion to create something that is better than you wished for.
I am Tim Mortimer, lived in K&C for over twenty years, owning several properties in that time and like most of us,set out on a search for the nearest thing to the perfect builder....
I have never felt prepared to give a reference after a building project before,so this is a well earned first. My experience with Paul Crawford and W8 has been gained over three separate projects over a five year period.
One large, complete top to toe rebuild and refurb to extremely high finish and design standards.
Another, up date, design and re-create a whole new floor of a mews house..
The third, good general updating and general building work, yes, after two big projects with daily contact, weekly working guide sessions and fabulous finishing we were still talking to each other, and wanting more.
I obviously found a building and design company that could do the necessary, at the kind of level that modern building must deliver at,but the true magic dust on site at W8 was the constant involvement of the principle, Paul Crawford,who's deliberate attention to design possibilities, ingenius thinking as well as down to earth suggestions made the project exactly that, a Parnership. advice would simply be, decide on the budget you can work to and ask Paul to create a workable solution,and let it inspire you. Tim Mortimer, untill now a Virgin on providing bulders !

Tim Mortimer, Transform, 07799628919